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 20+ years’ experience in insurance and 15+ years’  in actuarial consulting together with deep industry expertise enable our team to quickly and efficiently solve the toughest business challenges.

Our actuarial department includes Fellows & Associates of the Ukrainian Actuarial Association and British Institute of Actuaries. We are also cooperating with specialized experts in different industries in order to provide you with highly professional expertise. 

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Yuriy Ivanko Iaroslav Iatsenko Anastasia Zhmak
Principal Director | Consulting Actuary | Business Development Principal & Consulting Actuary  | Actuarial Services for General Insurance    Statistical Reporting & Data Services | Predictive Analytics 


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Tetyana Golovan Sergey Kuchuk Iatsenko Lubov Ramashova
Data Scientist | Predictive Analytics   Principal & Consulting Actuary  | Actuarial Services for Life Insurance & Pension Manager | Finance


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Lesya Nykolyn Victor Dolnik Elena Privalova
Project Manager | Marketing  Principal & Consulting for Health Insurance | Regulatory Compliance Promotion & PR


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Margarita Nazarova    
           Sales & Marketing | Account Management