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The main objective of the IAS 19 standard is to prescribe the accounting and disclosure rules for employee benefits valuation. IAS 19 uses the principle that the cost of providing employee benefits should be recognized in the period in which the benefit is earned by the employee, rather than when it is paid or payable.

Risk Institute actuarial consultants help you to understand and control your welfare, health, benefits, retirement, employee savings and social liabilities measures (retirement benefits, severance benefits, service awards, time savings account, etc.). Having extensive experience in this area we are ready to work on a short notice without damaging the quality of the results.

Our results are presented in a comprehensive Actuarial Report and are prepared to meet international accounting and actuarial standards for employee benefits, making it easy for accountants and auditors to use and implement.

We support the project through all of its stages, including data analysis, reconciliation, and validation and then the collaborative stage of agreeing on assumptions with the client. On the initial stage, we provide conclusions and recommendations, considering client’s particular circumstances and specific requirements.

Our methodology is approved by the biggest international auditors (Big 4, Baker Tilly, BDO) which guarantee the best quality of our solutions.