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Risk Institute promotes close working relationship with clients based on trust, integrity and professionalism as we strive to provide the highest levels of assistance

In order to provide efficient solutions we transfer innovations from one industry to another. For over 10 years of experience, we have implemented 100+ projects in different areas including pharmaceutical, healthcare, energetics and heavy industry. Our clients, internationally recognized companies and their Ukrainian subsidiaries are annually prolonging cooperation with us.

The reference list includes ArcelorMittal, Tetra Pak, Interpipe (Ukraine), HDI Insurance (Germany), Reso Group (Russia), KD Group (Slovenia), TAS Group (Ukraine), European Travel Insurance (Germany), Vienna Insurance Group (Austria), SKM Group (Ukraine).

We have prepared several case studies to give you better awareness about our clients and services we offer.

Union of healthcare insurers develop compulsory health insurance program. Using actuarial methods Risk Institute analyzed a database of 1.5 mln of insurance cases for the period of more than 10 years. Our actuaries estimated a health insurance premium basing on consumers’ needs and business objectives of insurance companies.


More than 6 million policyholders buy MTPL insurance annually. Risk Institute performed comprehensive analysis 30 million records of policyholders for the last 5-10 years for development of the rate structure and market adjustment mechanisms.


Risk Institute analyzed data of more than 40 thousand employees and determined the fair price for employer liability insurance. As a result, injury frequency rate decreased from 1,13 to 0,47 over a one year period.


New company’s shareholders have introduced direction of qualitative changes: transfer to IFRS requirements, big4 audit process, process optimization, profit-driven development. Risk Institute provided solutions for actual tasks. Results of cooperation are lasting for 10+ years.