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Everything you need to ensure regulatory compliance at every stage.

We have a 10+ year expert reputation understanding ins and outs of the ever-changing regulatory environment. We have insurance experts who understand the specific needs of insurance organizations as it applies to the successful submission and organization of approved rate, rule and form filings. Our experts have long-term relationships with Insurance Regulator, thus ensuring your filings get the attention they deserve. Our insurance experts can help you respond to interrogatories in an efficient and timely manner, drawing on additional expertise from our in-house actuarial and product design team as needed. Save time, conserve resources and ensure compliance by assigning us specific tasks or outsourcing your complete compliance needs.

Licensing and new product launch

We help your insurance organization obtain and maintain the right license for your immediate business need. Our licensing analysts help you to prepare the required documentations for licensing or launch a new product. Our experience with the application process helps you to navigate the numerous state-specific requirements and get your Company licensed as expeditiously as possible.

We prepare documentations required by an Insurance Regulator:

  •  Product development;
  •  Pricing;
  •  Calculating surrender values;
  •  Valuation of technical provisions;
  •  Benefits of life insurance bonuses.