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The loss of public confidence in the authorities and the financial sector has been an urgent problem in recent years. The Risk Institute is willing to compensate the lack of reliable information. We guarantee all our products to be highly reliable.

The Risk Institute's mission is to provide reliable expert financial information needed for sustainable human and social development.

Institute experts are qualified actuaries, certified by professional European organizations (British Institute of Actuaries) and Ukraine (State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets in Ukraine).

Experience in implementing large-scale projects in Ukraine and Europe allows the Risk Institute to keep its own statistical database and execute projects of any size and complexity, while providing quality and high reliability of the results.

Working on the principle of partnership is an advantage of the Risk Institute in cooperation with the state, investors, auditors, insurers and brokers. We are welcoming the initiative of joint activities and ready to perform the most unusual tasks.

Privacy Policy in relation to information coming from the customer and returning to him as the results, is respected by every member of our team.