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Україна:      +38 044 494 00 76
Німеччина: +49 40 36 09 03 99

e-mail: info@risk-institute.com

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Lubov Ramashova

Manager | Finance

Email: ramashova@risk-institute.com
Phone: +38 (095) 283 61 47

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Lubov Ramashova is a manager of the Finance department in Risk Institute. She is responsible for the oversight of the Finance department and overall day-to-day activities. 

With over 40 years of experience Ms. Ramashova has extensive knowledge within all aspects of accounting systems, finance and audit. Prior to Risk Institute Ms. Ramashova was working on managerial accounting positions in different Pharmaceuticals companies in Ukraine. She was also working as a leading accounting expert in one of the biggest Ukrainian audit company.

Ms.Ramashova owns Master's degree of the Kiyv National Economic University. She always participates in seminars and lectures in order to gain new insights on the on the Financial markets development and enhance her qualifications.