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Україна:      +38 044 494 00 76
Німеччина: +49 40 36 09 03 99

e-mail: info@risk-institute.com

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Lesya Nykolyn 

Project Manager | Marketing 

Email: nykolyn@risk-institute.com
Phone: +38 (063) 329 08 95 

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Lesya Nykolyn is responsible for project execution and maintaining client relationship. In her capacity, she ensures in-time delivery of the contracts and all supporting document to the clients. Lesya is fluent in three foreign languages, which allows us to always stay in touch with our external clients.

Prior to Risk Institute, she was working as a communication manager in the association of Industrial Parks of Ukraine. There she was working on projects related to industrial development and investment attractiveness of Ukraine. In particular, she was responsible for bilateral communication between industrial parks representatives and foreign organizations willing to invest in Ukrainian industrial sector.

Ms. Nykolyn hold bachelor degree in Markeing in the Kyiv National Economic University and Master in Political Science. In addition, she has successfully accomplished monthly course in Economics and Management of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and yearlong Management program of the Poznan University of Economics and Business.